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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 24, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, december 24th christmas eve. we're following several breaking news stories. >> police open fire killing an armed man near the already tense ferguson, missouri. we'll have the details. >> a crash involving two philadelphia police cruisers sends several officers to the hospital. >> and pack your patience if you're traveling on this christmas eve. more severe weather can cause some major delays.
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we're live at phl. >> let's go right over to karen. she's in for david taking a look at accuweather and matt pelman has your traffic. good morning. >> i know it was worth it for me when i got here. let's -- >> yeah, whatever. >> storm trackerstorm tracker 6e scan, we can see we have some heavy rain in spots. this is the area of yellow and we're looking at this right now stretching through wilmington and down through dover. this is heading up as well so rain throughout the area. some heavy rain currently down to our south. it's going to be a wet day today. fog is an issue as well. 3-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. 2.5 in trenton, 5-mile visibility in allentown, .3-mile visibility in mount pocono and we dropped to just a half mile visibility in beach haven so in some spots it's gotten a little better, in some a little worse. the fog is an issue with this mild air in place. how about these temperatures? 48 degrees in philadelphia. already above our average high for the date. 40 degrees even in the poconos, so at least that's
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the one bit of good news we have. we do have the wet weather but it is just wet that's because temperatures so far above freezing even in the lehigh valley and the poconos. satellite 6 and action radar showing the rain that has moved right in place over our region. we're also seeing some holes in it here or there. it's not going to rain constantly. it will be on and off all day and all night and let's take a look at the forecast. fog, rain, very mild, a high of 63. chasing a record matt pelman. we're going to show was christmas day looks like coming up in a few minutes. >> we know there's no one else you would rather spend the christmas eve morning with, of course, i mean your family. good morning, everybody, good morning, karen. we're live here along the vine street expressway with our first major accident of the morning. it's an overturned tractor-trailer blocking the ramp from the westbound side of the vine to the eastbound side of the schuylkill and 30th street station. a ambulance just pulled up on the scene. you can see people are already starting to slow down, these people that want to get onto the eastbound side of the schuylkill or head to 30th
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street station to catch a train are saying what do i do now, i can't use that ramp, blocked off because of the overturned truck. they can get on the westbound part of the schuylkill flip at girard or maybe bail out at broad street from the westbound vine and work their way through the city of south street to get on the eastbound side of 76. a downed pole and wire in king of prussia along byberry road at saratoga road. verizon is on the scene. upper providence a crash along ming go road at springer town road and plenty of low visibilities out there this morning. it's a foggy situation here at the ben franklin bridge. we expect a fairly light morning rush hour, the traffic that we do expect is going to come late and we're expecting a lot of accidents so we'll be watching them, tam, as the morning progresses. >> thank you matt. let's take a live look at philadelphia international airport through sky 6 hd. right now it doesn't look like there are delays but yesterday dozens of flights in and out of the airport were scrapped. some departing flights were delayed nearly two hours because of the wet weather and all the low clouds. "action news" reporter
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katherine scott is at phl right now. she's got the very latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's busy here this morning so far. it's not too packed yet but of course it's still very early. time to get a little crazier as the day goes on and of course if the weather issues continue which they are expected to as we see more delays there could be -- we could see longer lines and busier lines here at check-in. already the lines are building on this christmas eve. there were delays yesterday that averaged just under two hours with the low clouds and the weather wasn't just impacting philadelphia operations but operations at other east coast airports as well. today is expected to bring even more delays with another day of rain and fog and wind ahead. aaa expects just over 69,000 philadelphia area residents will fly to their holiday destinations this holiday travel period. this is a slight increase from last year and if you're one of them, you could see some issues. travelers we spoke to were hoping to get out before it gets too busy and scheduling an early flight can help.
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>> it was three separate flights and we told him we'll take the earliest one so we can get in and get out. i'm glad i did because it's supposed to get worse. the weather is supposed to be worse a little later on in the day. >> and back here taking a live look at phl departures at u.s. airways terminal you can see it says on time right now but of course it's still early. again, yesterday delays averaged just under two hours. today more delays are expected as the rain keeps up. so, you are urged to check your flight before you head to the airport. we are live at phl, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thank you for that. and we're following some breaking news this morning. more turmoil near ferguson, missouri where a police officer shot and killed a black man overnight. this happened in berkeley, a saint louis suburb that's near ferguson police are calling this a case of self-defense. authorities say the officer encountered two men during a routine check at a gas station. he got out of his squad car
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and approached them. authorities say one of the men pointed a gun at the officer who fired multiple shots back at the man fatally wounding him. a second man was there and fled the scene. a crowd has gathered at the scene and there have been some angry outbursts. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the morning. >> back here at home -- a developing story two cruisers crashed overnight sending six philadelphia police officers to the hospital. twenty-second district police cars smashed into each other at 22nd and montgomery in north philadelphia. the officers were responding to reports of gun shots two blocks away. one officer is being treated for a concussion at temple university hospital. the other officers are being checked out for less severe injuries. fortunately the air bags deployed and the officers were wearing seat belts. no shooter or gun shot victims were found at the other scene. >> new this morning, a man was beaten, shot and robbed in the logan section of philadelphia.
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police say it happened after 1:30 at the intersection of ogontz and olney avenue. he was beaten and shot in the side. the bandits took $100. the victim is currently in critical condition. >> right now philadelphia police are desperately trying to find the driver who hit and killed a woman and just kept on going. it was rush hour yesterday afternoon when a woman attempted to cross state road in holmesburg. that's when witnesses say a tow truck driver hit the 33-year-old and just never stopped. the woman died of her injuries. the search is going on for the driver of that striking vehicle. you will hear from those witnesses in the next half hour of "action news." >> five:07 now. we're following a developing story. former president george bush is still recovering at a houston hospital this morning. the 90-year-old reportedly experienced shortness of breath last night. officials say bush will be monitored overnight at houston methodist hospital as a precaution. back in 2012, bush spent almost two months at the same hospital for a
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bronchitis-related cough. no other details are being released but we hope he has a speedy recovery this holiday season. >> absolutely. let's turn now to karen rogers,. a lot of rain for your christmas eve. >> it is. it's going to rain from starting this morning straight through to the overnight hours. not constantly all day but at times on and off all day, all night let's take a look right now at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region. we can see the rain is overspreading the area and as we had forecasted, some of it is kind of heavy. let's go in a little closer right now and you can see with double scan where that heavier rain is. that's the areas of yellow lifting up to the north right near philadelphia you're starting to get it and west philadelphia, wilmington getting a really good soaking and salem in notify and dover delaware some of the heaviest rain moving there. let's go on outside and show you what it looks like and hard to see out there with the fog. it's still an issue. it's been an issue since yesterday and much of the day we're going to get the fog until that warm front really lifts through the region as we are looking outside live at reduced visibility.
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48 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're mild. again, the dewpoint 45. a lot of moisture in the air. the easterly component to the wind is one of the reasons we have so much clouds and the precipitation, the pressure 29.99. looking at the visibility reports, 3-mile visibility in philadelphia. that's at least better than yesterday. .3-mile visibility in mount pocono. half a mile beach haven and just over a mile along the coastline. so, the fog is really reducing visibility out there and we see the rain moving in. so, this is its rain that moved in in the overnight hours. satellite 6 and action radar showing we get some holes in it here and there. it's not going to be constantly all day but on and off all day and some of it will be heavy. this is future tracker 6. 9:30, rain through the area, some heavy rain as you can see by areas of yellow and orange. we advance this to lunchtime and it's more of the same. we can see it's not constantly everywhere but most of the region getting rain, heavy at times. it will lessen up a little bit in the afternoon and evening hours. so 3 o'clock still some
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showers in place, maybe heavier spots. this is a look at 7 o'clock. it's not everywhere in the afternoon and evening hours but watch what happens. this is when that front actually comes through. if you headed to midnight mass this is 12:30 tonight and we can see that cold front, that heavier storm. we could get thunderstorms with this. that's going to move through 7 o'clock tomorrow morning we are dry. the rain is off the coastline. so, a lot going on with the weather. let's spell it out for you right now. looking at that seven-day forecast, foggy today and rainy as well. rain at times, 63, very mild for this time of year. you may hear thunder tonight. is it rudolph? is it thunder? it will be hard to tell but stay inside. tomorrow gusty winds for christmas day. wind gusts of 40 miles an hour going to help dry out those roads if you're traveling. we'll see some sunshine by day's end, 53 but i think we hit that early and temperatures drop a bit in the afternoon. friday nice and sunny for the first day of kwanzaa and 50 degrees. saturday we're staying mild and 54 but more clouds in the
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picture. sunday late rain, 50 degrees. on monday we're looking at lots of clouds and it now looks like we could see a mix of rain or even snow depending on the timing of that. it's a little ways out but 42 for your high so temperatures will be above freezing in the afternoon. and tuesday brisk and chilly with some flurries around possible. and 41 degrees. so, rain, some of it heavy today. >> okay, got those umbrellas. we'll be ready. it's 5:11. it took awhile to muster up the nerve but sony has anteed up against cyber terrorism. >> a utah man wins a gift card and a trip to the hospital after an egg nog chugging contest goes wrong. matt. >> uh-oh. things have gone wrong here as well, erin. a truck flipped over on the ramp from the vine street expressway westbound to the schuylkill eastbound and 30th street station. here's the fire crews attending to the scene. we'll talk about alternates and some issues burbs early on this wednesday morning coming up. >> okay. thank you, matt. we'll also be talking about santa what he's up to today. we'll keep an eye on that when
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"action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. a live look at vine street on the schuylkill there. it is 5:14 and some problems already at this early hour on christmas eve. you can see the light flashing and there is a little bit of a backup and we'll head over to matt pelman who has details on that in case you're heading out early. >> we knew we were going have issues this morning with the wet roads. on the vine street expressway westbound ramp to the schuylkill eastbound and 30th street all lanes blocked because of an overturned truck. this happened just about 15 minutes ago. you can see all the emergency crews on the scene.
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just the left lane squeezing by if you want to get onto the westbound side of the schuylkill you can squeeze by but eastbound schuylkill and 30th street if you're trying to catch that train on time you can't do it right now from to catch that train on time westbound. so, let's talk about how to get around it. if you're coming west on the vine away from i-95, i think i would try to bail by the time i reach broad street. not only to avoid the backup but then also to make your way by the local streets over to maybe south street. from there you can get on the eastbound side of 76. so, of course that's a big situation that we're going to keep watching. time now for the suburban traffic report on this christmas eve morning. we're watching a couple of issues already in king of prussia there's a downed pole from an overnight crash along byberry road at saratoga road. verizon is on the scene trying to get things patched up there. also watching a crash in upper providence an mingo road at springer town road. don't forget in newark we have that work going on that's blocking the ramp from 95 northbound to 896.
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should open by the time students head back to school in january. if you're headed over to the christiana mall opened today from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for your last minute shopping. you're looking good so far. let's do the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. delaware memorial bridge not surprisingly one of our friends using the app saying there's foggy weather and that's the case at most of the bridges this morning. visibilitys are not so hot. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. despite cyber threats and hacks, the movie "the interview" will hit the silver screen on christmas day including around this is area. sony green lighted showings at independent theaters like penn sin mass riverfront in wilmington. the studio canceled the release next week after threats from north korea. the comedy is about a plot to kill north korea's leader kim jong-un. >> what happened now is when people are told no they always
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want to say yes so especially when you're told no by someone that has nothing to do with the united states. >> north korea has been knocked offline three times over the past two days. check out for the full list of theaters where you can go see "the interview." >> new on "action news" officials in one ohio township are playing grinch with an unusual -- with an unusual christmas display. this display is a cross between nativity and the walking dead. the jason dixon created the holiday decoration i guess you could call it using the life size zombie features even putting a baby jesus zombie inside the manger. now he's on this town's naughty list. i can see why. a contest at an office holiday party in utah took a turn for the worst. ryan roche had to be rushed to the hospital after chugging a court of egg nog in 12 seconds. there he is.
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he returned home after the party and began to feel sick. doctors -- i don't know why. dock source say the egg nog which was booze free, by the way, may have crept into his windpipe and then triggered pneumonia. he is expected to make a full recovery but we hear that he's going to stick to water next time at the company party. >> ♪ >> what is that forest gump line comes into my head, momma says stupid is as stupid does. we'll show you how you can follow santa as he makes a magical journey around the world. >> and the fda doing an about face on who can and cannot donate plood -- blood
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>> i've got great big lumps of cole. wet roads and an overturned truck on the vine street expressway westbound side as you try and exit for the schuylkill eastbound and 30th street station. you can't do it this morning. that flipped over truck is blocking the off-ramp. the only traffic that's
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getting by there in the left lane is getting onto the westbound side of the schuylkill. some people then proceeding west and flipping at girard or montgomery. i would bail by the time you get to broad street. from the westbound vine if you're trying get to the eastbound schuylkill and then use the local city streets to get to eastbound 76. on the mass transit, modified weekday schedule on septa and patco. n? t is on a regular weekday schedule with extra service to help you get where you need to go this afternoon. karen. >> i'm taking back your present. >> oh, no. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan showing rain through the area. some of it heavy. you can see by this area of yellow moving through dover, wilmington and starting to hit philadelphia and this is way it's going to look much of the day. it's not going to be raining constantly but on and off, some of it heavy all through the morning, afternoon and night. 3-mile visibility in philadelphia international, .3-mile in mount pocono, half a mile in beach haven, 1.7 at atlantic city international.
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yesterday we saw huge delays and katherine scott has been reporting we're not quite looking at anything on the boards just yet. we have lots of areas of concern if you're traveling because of the entire east coast being affected by this storm system. so, raining in philadelphia, also raining currently in atlanta but we'll see many of these areas fill in with rain and delay. let's take a look at your exclusive accuweather forecast. a quick look. foggy and rainy, 63 for your high, very mild today, hitting that high late in the day. tomorrow we're dry bit gusty winds and 53 for your high tam. >> gay and bisexual man have been banned from blood donations but that policy could be changing. the fda says it favors replacing the ban on donations way modified policy. the lifetime ban dates back to the early days of the aids crisis. many medical groups say the policy no longer supported by science given the advances made in hiv testing. the food and drug
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administration approved a drug with an off label use as a treatment for obesity. it's the first injectable drug approved for weight loss. it's approved for obese adults and overweight adults that have one weight problem like type two diabetes or high cholesterol. >> it is 5:23. up next we'll tell you what this christmas eve morning. >> oh, boy. and developing overnight, two police cruisers collide into each other sending six officers to the hospital. updates on their conditions coming up at 5:30. >> ♪
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>> ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> all right, that's enough singing. while you wait for santa to come down chimney you can track santa's progress. this is a look at the web site norad's tracking system. the man in red is still loading the sleigh but volunteers at norad are tracking his journey and they can notify you via social media or e-mail of its current location so tune in soon because he's getting ready. be good out there. you wouldn't want to miss out on those gifts at the last minute and there's a good chance that some of what your kids wanted for christmas morning have to do with these
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two little boys. they are youtube's hottest toy reviewers. their phrase is let's open this thing and it's turned into a big business. their dad just started following them around way camera. now they get tons of free toys. they've made half a million dollars. >> what? >> from doing this and really influencing kind of the toys that kids want. their mom says christmas though will not be about reviewing it will be about truly enjoying their toys. these kids already have everything. what can you give them. >> they can review and enjoy still ahead, it was a bumpy start to the holiday travel season is a new york city airport. we'll explain. >> deadly storms slam the south. we'll tell you just how wild the weather has been. it's starting to snag some holiday travel plans nationwide. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> "action news" is brought to you by x-finity, the future of awesome.
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>> good morning and we're already seeing some problems on the roadways. you're taking a live look here, problems from the vine getting over to the schuylkill with an accident and you can see the backup that is ensuing. accuweather is tracking a soaking rain that's already making christmas eve travel a lot tricky. >> we're following breaking news near ferguson, missouri, where a police-involved shooting left a man dead. >> an woman is hit and killed by a driver in northeast philadelphia. who then fled the scene. witnesses describe exactly what they saw. >> good morning. it is 5:30 and karen is in for dave murphy and matt has traffic and we're going head over to see what it's like on this christmas eve. >> it is wet, it is foggy, that's what you can see on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we see the rain and we see this area of yellow and unlike yesterday we have some pockets of heavy rain just like we told you we would. we're seeing it in dover, cape may, wilmington and now in philadelphia and up near trenton so some pockets of it is pretty heavy and it's going to be wet today all day, all night.


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